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Welcome to The Performance Pivot. A book about, and for anxious overachievers, written by one.

Work in progress book title and cover

I’m in the middle of this very exciting and scary project. My hope is that this book help perfectionists find healthier ways of achieving their goals and show business leaders a new way to make their  top talent thrive, over time.

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I’ll share updates, interviews and pre-views ahead of the launch. I’m also looking for beta readers and reviewers to give me feedback along the way.

Book Synopsis

In the never-stop world of global luxury brands, Emma Vallin was a force to be reckoned with. After three breakdowns, one of which endangered the life of her unborn son, Emma embarks on a journey of self-discovery. While starting up as a freelance leadership consultant, she develops a groundbreaking approach to help high performers like herself unleash their full potential without sacrificing their well-being. Importantly, Emma discovers the secret to unlocking high performers’ true potential in a way that enhances sustainable performance. Could she have stumbled upon a new way of working?

The Performance Pivot is guide to leading high performers, including yourself, towards a healthier work life. It is also deeply personal account of Emma Vallin’s transformative journey and a practical guide for anyone striving to excel without compromising their health and happiness. The book has a mix of case studies from her own work as a leadership consultant and executive coach as well interviews with leading behavioral psychologists and experts. Through candid storytelling, research, and actionable insights, this book is a how-to manual for high performers and workplace leaders tasked with attracting and retaining this valuable resource.

    • A guide to curbing your own performance addiction without loosing your edge.
    • Powerful concepts that will challenge the way you approach success and well-being.
    • Practical strategies for how to lead high performers and create high performing teams
    • Tools for cultural transformation, how to integrate the Performance Pivot into your organization.
    • Success Stories of high performers who thrive using the Performance Pivot.