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Leadership- & Team Development

    • Leadership Development Programs – I equip leaders with the tools needed to lead in uncertain and complex environments. I often use the EQ-i 2.0 tool to help leaders measure and develop their emotional intelligence skills. I also run Coaching Leadership courses.
    • Developing Effective Teams – I help teams develop a road map for optimizing their performance.  One of the tools I use a lot is Team Pro workshop. 

Workshops & Trainings

I tailor workshops and trainings to the needs of your organization. Common themes are:

    • Effective Self-Leadership 
    • Sustainable Performance 
    • Psychological Safety Assessments and Development – I’m a certified Fearless Organization Scan practitioner.
    • Team coaching: How can the team work in a more sustainable way, learn from each other and find the trust required to be a high-performing team?
    • Brain-smart working – using neuroscience to optimize your working day

Organizational & Marketing Consulting /Interim Leadership

For all those important but not urgent initiatives you and your team can’t find the time for. I support clients with shorter or longer strategic HR projects as well as interim marketing and management solutions.

Executive Coaching

I’m an ICF-Certified Executive Coach (ACC). I offer tailored Executive Coaching programs and tailored corporate packages. 


I’m an independent Organizational Consultant and Interim CMO. In my practice I draw upon 20+ years of leadership experience in multinational companies and NGOs. I specialize in team effectiveness and sustainable leadership. My passion is helping high achievers perform sustainably and I love helping people gain new perspectives and understand themselves. Founder of Valevi Leadership Consulting and part of Oxy Group.

Located in Stockholm, Sweden. Servicing clients worldwide.

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Emma Vallin, Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach. Stockholm



INTRUM – Workshop, Effective Team Communications

‘Emma facilitated a great teambuilding session focused on improving communication for my team at Intrum. She really listened to my input during planning and tailored the session accordingly with fun collaboration exercises that engaged everyone, yet had tangible takeaways. She was a pleasure to work with – energetic, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and well prepared. I highly recommend a session with her!’

– Janelle Lindqvist, Head of Corporate Audit, Intrum



‘Emma has a great ability to listen, to really listen. To pay close attention to what her client needs the moment they start their session. She masters the art of asking great questions and doesn’t hesitate to challenge the deeply held beliefs her client might hold about their situation, performance and learning’

– Mairi Savage, Head of Leadership Development, Karolinska


 ELECTROLUX – Team Pro & Self-Leadership Workshops

‘I had the opportunity to participate in Emma’s workshop on self-leadership. I found the workshop truly inspirational. It created space for valuable reflection around authentic leadership and self-leadership practices and was packed with useful tools and exercises. Emma shares her personal story and learnings with both humor and depth. I can really recommend this workshop to anyone interested in self-leadership, personal development and sustainable achievement, both as employee and employer.’

– Linda Rothan-Cederberg, Head of Operations Data and Analytics, Electrolux


GEMME COLLECTIVE – Leadership Development

We hired Emma to help with leadership development and coaching of our executive team. She provided many useful insights, successfully tackled a challenging situation, and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Emma.

 – Tomas Meerits, MD Vitruvian Partners


The Importance of Rethinking

Decisive, bold, assertive, fast, consistent – these are traditionally highly valued traits in the corporate world. Many of us have heard them in performance reviews, either as qualities we have or should develop.

In brand management, where I spend most of my career, we were trained to know our data, do our research, then to commit to an idea and stick to our plan. Often spending most of our energy convincing the world about it’s brilliance. There was little room for honest reevaluation or rethink.

Why is changing our minds so hard?

I recently read Think Again by Adam M. Grant. Grant starts by describing the concept of Escalation of Commitment –

“When we dedicate ourselves to a plan and it isn’t going as we hoped, our first instinct isn’t usually to rethink it. Instead, we tend to double down and sink more resources in the plan”.

If we’re collaborating with others on this plan, it can be ever harder to change our minds. We are social creatures and challenging the direction of our team comes with risk. Nobody wants to come across as arrogant, stupid or indeed insecure. Most of us want to fit in. It takes a very open and inclusive team climate to accommodate this kind of risk taking. A psychologically safe environment in which candor and half-baked ideas are welcomed. With leaders who encourage us to rethink, relearn and challenge truths.

The ability to change our mind is more important today than ever

In stable and predictable industries and markets, like the ones I worked in at the time, being consistent and sticking to your guns is often a good thing. It inspires confidence in stakeholders and gives your brand consistency. However in uncertain, fast-paced and ever-changing corporate environments, the courage to reevaluate and change direction becomes business critical.

To do this we need people with the right cognitive skills. We often think of mentally fit people as intelligent people. The smarter you are, the more complex problems you can solve, faster. But in a rapidly transforming world, there are, according to Adam Grant, cognitive skills that could matter more: the ability to rethink and unlearn.

“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw”

The value of reflection

For those who dare to be indecisive, there’s a lot to gain. Kahneman’s work on Thinking, Fast and Slow gives us another take on the virtue of the slower, more deliberate System 2 thinking.

Reflection is also important for developing our self-awareness. Professor Daniel Newark, who studies decision-making, identity and behaviors, claims that pondering over outcomes of two or more options allows us to be introspective and gain unique dimensions of self-awareness. He says: “The contemplations and conversations characteristic of indecision may help construct, discover, or affirm who one is.”

For me, this speaks to the theory of ‘slowing down to speed up’ and the value of reflection.

Invite others to rethink with you

There is lot to gain from opening up about our doubts and inviting others to reflect with us. Otto Scharmer talks about self-reflection as one of the prerequisites for new thinking. We cannot go from disagreement to generative dialogue without being curious about our own views and willing to challenge them.

So why not invite your colleagues to reflect with you? Newark also found that when you seek advice before making a decision it can inspire conversations of meaning and build professional connection. Quite a nice side effect.

What ‘truths’ are you holding on to?

What do you need to rethink in your work?

For more thoughts on Leadership and Team Development – have a look here


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