Coaching Endorsements

Comments from some of my clients:

“I am progressing through a change in career, exploring new opportunities in maybe even new sectors. My conversations with Emma have provided me with interesting tools and exercises to explore the right directions, as well as link me with people and organisations that might fit my agenda.

Emma is a very good listener, but also very down to earth, which makes it easy to communicate and converse, peer to peer. I like her pragmatic approach and clear conclusions and summaries. For me, it was good to have those conversations with somebody who doesn’t know me inside out, especially while I want to change direction. New input, from somebody looking at the situation without prejudice, has been very exciting and fun at the same time. I would strongly recommend anyone in a similar situation as me – and who is taking on uncertainty – to explore this type of positive and unconditional coaching. “

Willeke, UK


“The coaching with Emma, opened my eyes to new possibilities in life. I got concrete and tangible tools to handle problems better and structuring my goals and targets. Emma helped me challenge and question myself in an inspiring way. I was a bit nervous beforehand and worried that I would be afraid to open up, but already during the first conversation made me feel comfortable and secure. I was surprised how I managed to do my homework and let my thoughts wander freely. In all our conversations Emma was always a committed, well-prepared and ready to give new challenges and thought. I feel Emma as an incredibly warm, humble, curious and driven person who is genuinely interested in helping other people. I can wholeheartedly recommend Emma as a coach! “ 

Kristin, Stockholm Sweden


“Emma has a phenomenal ability to listen, support and inspire. In our conversations she explored my worries as well as my successes using empathetic questions to get to the core. Emma was able to motivate and cheer me on based on what I needed that day. She is a handrail and mainstay. She challenged me when that’s what I needed. She hones in on my dreams, encourage me to go after them and gives me confidence that I can reach them. If you want to take your professional and personal development to new levels – work with Emma!”

Jon, Västerås Sweden