Leadership Development

“My conversations with Emma have provided me with interesting tools and exercises to explore the right directions. Emma is a very good listener and is very down to earth. I like her pragmatic approach. I would strongly recommend anyone who is taking on uncertainty to explore coaching with Emma”

 Willeke, Program Director Oxfam UK


What I offer

Executive Coaching

Program on 6 or 10 occasions where an anchoring meeting with the immediate manager and EQi 2.0 test is included. Opportunity for EQi 360 examination

Burn-out prevention

Program of 6 or 10 individual coaching sessions where an anchoring meeting with the immediate manager and EQi 2.0 personal test is available. Stress prevention for groups with webinars, workshops and coaching.

Team coaching

How can the team work in a more sustainable way, learn from each other and find the trust required to be a high-performing team?

Workshops & Trainings

Self-leadership, Sustainable Achievement & Authentic Leadership

Workshops for HR- and management teams

 ‘How do we lead high-performing individuals so they last in the long run’

All programs tailored to the specific needs of the organization and individual.

My 15+ years of leadership experience from tglobal businesses to local NGOs allows me to relate to the challenges an organization in change faces. As a former performance addict, I myself have a great vulnerability to negative stress.

In my role as a coach and facilitator, I often meet individuals who have competed and performed all their lives which unfortunately often leads to burn-out.

Preventing Negative Stress 

Burn-out and stress-related illness are serious public health issues. In Sweden, the ‘utmattning’ (burn-out) medical diagnosis has existed for several years and since 2019, the WHO includes ‘burn-out’ in ICD-11.

Several studies, including one published in The Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, found that it is both the individual’s vulnerability aa well as situational factors (work load, management etc.) contribute to the risk of burn-out.

Regarding the individual’s vulnerability, this study showed that individuals who ‘want to be good at their job’ are extra vulnerable. Achievement addiction and identifying as a high performer are clear risk factors and make individuals more vulnerable to negative stress.

We, as coaches and employers can do a lot to prevent burn-out and ensure that we find sustainable ways of working that lead to long, happy careers. It is therefore NOT enough to adapt the workload or the employees work situation, we must also help the individual with their achievement addiction and self-image.

I am passionate about preventing negative stress by helping people balance their achievement superpower. By letting go of the demands and letting other strengths emerge, we also become more efficient and better at our job. I do not mean that we should stop performing, we should start performing consciously and in a sustainable way.

I offer Stress prevention for leaders and companies in the form of lectures, workshops and coaching.

What participants and clients think:

‘During all our conversations, Emma was committed, well prepared and ready to give me new challenges’

– Kristin, Self-employed Gothenburg

‘An important and inspiring webinar. Recommended for those who have difficulty performing at a good enough level

-‘Participant Performance Detox Webinar 2020

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