Sustainable achievement. As individuals, leaders and colleagues

Emma Vallin, Coach, Speaker & Leadership Consultant at Valevi AB

Our society is obsessed with high performance and success. We are what we deliver and identify with our achievements. Your ability to perform under pressure has most likely made you what you are today and it’s an ability to be proud of.

But what happens when our need to succeed puts our health, our relationships and even our results at risk? How can we find a dimmer for our achievement superpower and learn to balance our need to succeed?

My name is Emma Vallin and I am passionate about helping individuals and companies perform in a conscious and more sustainable way. As a coach and leadership developer I have 15 years of leadership experience from multinational companies and non-profit organizations. I base a lot of my work on my personal experience of an ‘achievement detox’ – a behavioral experiment I did following years of chronic stress. During this experiment I decided to stop acting on my need to achieve for one year. Among many things I learnt that you can become a better leader, get access to other strength, increase your peak performance and prevent burnout by learning to achieve sustainably.

I am convinced that by working with our performance patterns we can prevent negative stress and help us reach our full potential.

My offer


Do you want to make changes in your life? Do you find it difficult to make ends meet? Maybe it’s time to change careers?

I coach individuals, leaders and groups. Corporate packages and Executive Coaching Programs available on request. Book a free consultation or let me know your about your organization’s needs here.

The Achievement Circle, is a small group coaching program where you work in your achievement needs to prevent negative stress (in Swedish). New group starts in February 2021 and it’s still possible to join. Contact for more information.

Workshops & Trainings

Are you or your organization interested in managing high performance people or want inspiration to create a sustainable work environment? Book a webinar,  workshop or a breakfast seminar with me.

I work with:
    • Workshops for HR teams and management team: ‘How do we lead high-performing individuals so they last in the long run’
    • Leadership /Executive Coaching: Program on 6 or 10 occasions where an anchoring meeting with the immediate manager and EQi 2.0 test is included. Opportunity for EQi 360 examination
    • Stress Prevention Programs: Individual coaching program on 6 or 10 occasions where an anchoring meeting with the immediate manager and EQi 2.0 personal test is available.
    • Stress prevention for groups; webinars and workshops.
    • Team coaching: How can the team work in a more sustainable way, learn from each other and find the trust required to be a high-performing team?

Let’s me know about your specific needs

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