About me

I’m a success and leadership coach. Speaker and and wannabe writer.

My philosophy is built on finding your own path, ruthlessly prioritising in life and challenging yourself. I’m a planning freak who loves Excel, colourful shoes and ice cream. I like yoga and running fast. On a good day, I am fearless, inventive and driven. Some of the less charming sides to my personality include mood swings, performance anxiety and impatience.

I have spent most of my life working to build global brands and climb the slippery career ladder. Most recently during 9 intense years in London. I have know re-trained as an ICF certified coach (International Coaching Federation).

I was raised in Floby in the south east of Sweden, a small town not very famous for winning the Swedish championships in volleyball in 1982. I’m expecting my first child in October 2016 (scared emoji) and live in central Stockholm with my partner.