About me

I’m a professional leadership coach, speaker and and wannabe writer.

I work with self leadership. My philosophy is built on having a clear vision of what your life should be, ruthlessly prioritising and ignoring what others think. I’m a planning freak who loves Excel, colourful shoes and ice cream. I like yoga and running fast. On a good day, I am fearless, inventive and driven. Some of my less charming traits sides are my obsession with performance and my impatience.

I have spent most of my professional life building global brands and climbing the slippery career ladder. Most recently during 9 intense years in London. I have since changed career direction and am now a ICF certified coach (International Coaching Federation).

I was raised in Floby in the south east of Sweden, a small town not very famous for winning the Swedish championships in volleyball in 1982. My son was born in October 2016 and live in central Stockholm with my partner.