About me

I’m a professional coach, speaker and writer.

Emma Vallin Achievement Coach 

I have 17 years of leadership experience from global consumer goods companies as well as  NGOs. Before moving back to my native Sweden in 2014, I spent 8 intense years in London.

After several episodes of negative stress I realised I was addicted to achievement and embarked on an experiment I call my Achievement Detox. During 1 year I stopped achieving, succeeding, performing – cold turkey. The effects on my well-being and results were astonishing. I decided to dedicate my time towards helping others lead themselves to achieve  sustainably.

I am an ICF certified coach ACC level (International Coaching Federation). I help high potential individuals find a dimmer for their achievement super power. I’m also a CBT-therapist in training. I believe that negative stress and burn-out can be prevented by learning how to manage our need to succeed. I do webinars, workshops, leadership development, individual- and group coaching.

I live in central Stockholm and have 2 sons.

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